Invest in Your Home – Now and the Future
June 10, 2019

Scott Kelley, Owner, at Evolution Design Build; a full-service design and build remodeling firm in Park City, brings 22 years of remodeling experience to every job, no matter how small or large.  More than 85 percent of Kelley’s business come as referrals.  Kelley understands that the remodeling process must be delicate while accomplishing orderly engineering feats.

“Our philosophy at Evo Design Build, is to use a ‘construction triangle’ for all of our builds and remodels.”, Explains Kelley.   “QUALITY, SCHEDULING, and BUDGET” are the three components that comprise the sides of our ‘construction triangle’.  All three elements are extremely important, and each client should choose at least two. At Evo Design Build, we try to be part of the early planning of the design process to ensure we can help design a project while preserving our budget. We have all phases of the process scheduled far in advance, without sacrificing quality, and completing the project in a timely manner. Although expedited services are available, it is our mission to coordinate and schedule in a manner as to prevent or eliminate costly changes associated with poor planning.”

Kelley has worked in Colorado, Kansas City, and Park City.  Ultimately, Kelley decided to raise his family in Park City and enjoys many of the activities the mountain area has to offer.  The close proximity to Salt Lake City has provided an excellent geographical location for both materials and workforce.  Whether it is a master bath or a complete custom build at 10,500 feet in a remote location, every single job is important and receives the same quality in construction and attention to detail.

In addition, Kelley also understands the changing business and the demand for energy efficient homes with healthy building materials, as well as the convenience of smart technology.   “There is a limit on new land,” tells Kelley. “It’s can be challenging to find, and there’s plenty of potential for remodeling and updating homes in Park City.  One of the largest tasks in the remodeling process in Summit County is the permitting process.  The process is now completed online and can be quite complicated.”

Kelley has been fortunate to work with many great people on his team.  He enjoys having clients as part of the local community. “Park City does not look or feel big, but it’s surprising how many nooks exist and how many homes are dated,” he says. “Remodeling is essential to mountain towns as lots become less available to build on.  I have been in the industry a long time, and I am still learning new and better ways to do things. Knowing energy codes and restrictions as the area continues to grow and develop is important, especially to maintain our picturesque mountain town but to include modern trends and technology. It’s a balance.”