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December 7, 2015
Ideas to reality
October 16, 2019

Invest in Your Home – Now and the Future 

Today, more than ever your home is your biggest investment.  While the stock market can net subsidiary income or boost your financial picture, it’s volatile and all your hard-earned money can quickly be lost.  And we have seen this happen one too many times in the past.

Your home is a tangible asset, unlike a stock or paper investment – it’s where your family eats, sleeps and builds lasting memories.  But it can be an important investment vehicle as well; helping fund your children’s college or providing a nest egg upon retirement.  It’s one investment that will continually bring your family joy and comfort.

Your home must keep up with the times.  As your family matures, so must your home.  A remodel can help re-align your investment with todays’ market. Adding square footage or repurposing the space to fit your needs can go a long way, not only making the home more livable but add to the value as well.

Many clients need guidance in this area as not all remodels are worth the investment (and the headaches associated with a remodel).  Working with a Design-Build firm will help assist with a functional floor plan with great flow. They can also address your remodel goals.

To start, gather ideas you like from magazines, Houzz, Pinterest or even friends’ homes you admire.  Sharing your ideas, makes it easier for all to visualize concepts.  Next, seek a remodeler who brings in a real estate professional, so you understand exactly where the market is today and what makes sense to invest your hard-earned money in for a remodel.

Remodeling can give you the home you have always dreamed of having and can be an investment for the future too.