Green Construction

Evolution Design Build Group – Green Construction

At Evolution we are striving to leave the world a better place, one way we do that is through Green and Sustainable Construction.

The overarching mission of Green Construction is to promote energy efficient and environmentally friendly building solutions within the residential building and remodeling industry.

Evolution’s vision: “To create positive building practices for future generations.”

The four “R’s” of Green Construction we aim to use in our Design/ Build process include:
Evolution is solution focused and helps eliminates these common client issues or concerns:
  • Frustration that a remodeling project is sloppy and the project fails to meet high-end expectations
  • Angry that they are “nickel and dimed” on change orders and project mis-quotes
  • Tired of “same ole, same ole” because of lack of design innovation or progressive ideas
  • Family 
members do not feel safe or are worried about pet’s well being with in-home workers
  • Scared project may be a “guinea pig” remodel due to lack of 
expertise, adequate references or experience
  • Concerned they are not going to receive personalized attention or this will be “just another project”
  • Presentation of alternative living arrangements for remodels when “main living space” is under construction eg. Temporary Kitchen/ Bathroom
For more detailed information about Evolution’s Green Building & Sustainable Construction practices contact us at
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