Our Process

Evolution Design Build Group – Our Process


The Initial Consultation

  • You provide Evolution with your ideas, share your concerns and discuss the scope of your dream project
  • We listen carefully and provide feedback
  • Next, Evolution outlines the build and/or renovation process

Feasibility Study

  • Evolution studies the physical layout of the proposed project
  • We review blueprints, land plats and surveys as needed
  • We obtain initial bids from subcontractors and material suppliers
  • Finally, Evolution will give you a preliminary estimate of the cost for the project

Concept Design and Price Planning

  • Both parties sign a Design Agreement, specifying the scope of design services requested
  • Next, Evolution provides conceptual drawings based on your goals
  • You approve the conceptual drawings
  • We prepare a work scope and project specifications
  • You select appliances, floor coverings, specialty items, etc (if applicable)
  • Evolution obtains specific bids from subcontractors and suppliers based on final drawings
  • Finally, Evolution presents the final drawings and cost projections to you
  • If both parties agree to the drawings & projections, both parties sign a Construction Contract


  • Evolution prepares the construction documents
  • We obtain any and all necessary building permits
  • We conduct pre-construction meetings with you and the contractors
  • We prepare your home or building site to minimize impact of the project on the homeowner
  • Your Project begins

During Construction

  • The Project Manager visits your project daily and is available by phone to answer any questions
  • Site is swept broom clean each day and given a detailed cleaning each Friday
  • Sub-contractors’ work is closely monitored and given a final inspection by the Project Manager as they complete their trade
  • You are kept updated on the progress of the project at all times
  • The Project Manager is available to perform a walk through with you at any point

Project Completion

  • Evolution conducts a final walk-through of the entire project with you
  • We both agree on a “finish list”
  • Items on finish list are resolved and completed
  • Then, the One Year Work Warranty period begins
  • Client receives a follow up survey asking for a testimonial and their experience working with Evolution

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