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Green Construction

What is it?

So you may be asking yourself, what in the world is “Green & Sustainable Construction?” The overarching mission of Green Construction is to promote energy efficient and environmentally friendly building solutions within the residential building and remodeling industry. Evolution’s vision: “To create positive building practices for future generations.”

In its narrowest sense, the green building process minimizes the environmental impact of construction from site development to procurement and use of materials to the safe reuse, “deconstruction” or disposal of a building at the end of its useful life. In its widest sense, green building is about sustainability. Sustainability is defined as “the ability to provide for the needs of current generations without diminishing the capacity for future generations to do the same.”

So what do Green Building & Sustainable Construction Practices Involve?

Green Building & Sustainable Contraction Practices emphasize the four “R’s:”

  • Reduce: Lower quantities of building materials, resources, and embodied energy resources that are used
  • Reuse: Construction materials are reused where practical and structurally sound

  • Recycle: Recycled materials are used and the home remodel or construction project is designed for recycle-ability
  • Renew: Energy inputs from natural sources and renewable building materials are emphasized

Following these practices, Evolution utilizes sound green design, construction and building methods without compromising structural durability, indoor pollutant levels, ventilation, building code requirements or future marketability!

For more detailed information about Evolution’s Green Building & Sustainable Construction Practices or to learn more about cost savings to your home and keeping your construction project green and environmentally friendly, contact us at (435) 677-6090 or Request a Consultation online.

Contracting Services

There are many advantages in hiring a licensed General Contractor. General Contractors coordinate all aspects of your project, from design, process and start to finish. We may also utilize a number of subcontractors in order to obtain competitive bids for your project. All of Evolution’s subcontractors have been screened to ensure their work meets our high standards of quality. Our knowledge of building codes, permits and required inspections can save homeowners both time and money.Design/Build is a time-honored approach where an entire remodeling project is organized and performed by a single point of contact. From inception to completion, the master builder is the key organizational figure and liable to the homeowner. Evolution Inc. specializes in this system and recommends it for anyone contemplating an extensive renovation.

Evolution has found from experience by being involved in projects from start to finish, we are able to:
  • Tightly control design and construction costs and provide a more realistic budget
  • Discover potential issues while still on paper prior to costly corrections
  • Eliminate the issue of liability for the client. We handle the ordering, schedules and issues. It’s a turn key service
  • Manage the construction schedule more accurately and make deadlines more attainable
  • Provide a quick turnaround between design, construction and completion

To learn more about our Client & Prospect process here at Evolution Design Build Group, click here to request a Consultation or learn about our Client Planning & Next Steps Process.

If you are ready to get started on your home remodel, historical preservation or construction project, give us a call toady at (435) 677-6090 or or Request a Consultation online.

Home Energy Audit

Home exterior with long drivewayBefore spending money replacing windows, getting a new furnace, adding insulation or doing an extensive remodel, you should have your home assessed as a whole. At the conclusion of Home Energy Audit, Evolution will meet with you to review the detailed report and discuss possible solutions for any concerns or energy issues that have been identified.

For more information about Home Energy Audits and what to expect, click here for the Department of Energy’s Home Energy Audit page for details.

To learn more about our Client & Prospect process here at Evolution Inc, click here to request a Consultation or learn about our Client Planning & Next Steps Process. If you are ready to get started on your new home, home remodel, historical preservation or construction project, take our Getting to Know You and Your Home Remodel Questionnaire or complete the Contact Us form or Request a Consultation online.

Are your utility bills too high and you don’t know why? Your home operates as a system, with all its individual components (i.e. windows, insulation, and heating and cooling systems) operating an overall level of efficiency or inefficiency depending on many factors.

Historical Renovations

If you own an historical home, live in an historic preservation district or are considering purchasing and/ or renovating an historic home, you can be facing a variety of challenges. Materials today are vastly different from materials, wood, steel and finishes used 100+ years ago. Historical home codes can be complex and finding matching materials or skilled craftsmen can be difficult.

Evolution has been involved in numerous restoration and preservation projects and understand the challenges historic homeowners face when considering a restoration or preservation project. The Evolution team can outline in detail the historical deconstruction vs. demolition process, removal and preservation of existing components and how to effectively match existing components and fix them “old world style.”

To learn more about Evolution’s historical remodel and preservation processes, call us at (435) 677-6090 We look forward to helping you with your historical home improvement or preservation project and turning it into a functional living and comfortable dwelling!

Our Contracts

Our contracts detail the following:
At Evolution, we use a contract that has been prepared by our legal counsel so that your signed agreement is clear and concise.